Our work

Ganyane Entertainment Logo
Ganyane Entertainment
  • Developed a monetisation plan.
Kalawa Jazmee Logo
Kalawa Jazmee
  • Distribution deal negotiation with European distribution partner.
  • Developed a monetisation strategy for the Kalawa-Jazmee brand.
  • Strategic oversight concerning the brand's operational business.
Madlozi logo
Khwale Music
  • Strategy development and project management right up to the launch of the music distribution service.
Ncasa Logo
  • Developed brand strategy and brand design brief.
Oskido brand logo
  • Strategic advisory services.
  • Management of business partnerships.

Our Process


  • This entails a deep dive in understanding the client’s pain points and goals.
  • Objectives are then derived.
  • Various possible opportunities are shared with the respective client.
  • Establish high impact opportunities.


  • This phase focuses on common understanding with the artist or brand.
  • We propose strategic insights or data driven solutions.
  • The final solution is based on various iterations before the final sign-off for implementation.


  • Our priority is realising maximum returns on investment (ROI).
  • The client signed-off solution is implemented using Brand’ Art’s proprietary models, tools and technologies
  • We forge a collaborative implementation partnership with our client to ensure that goals are achieved timeously.

Brand'Art Portfolio

Artists, brands and label managers receive customised solutions that best suit their needs


Promo Strategy and Marketing

  • 360° support including social media and requisite assets, and DSP playlist pitching strategies.
  • Social Media Advisory - We develop customised campaigns to meet partner objectives.
  • DSPs and Radio Plug-ins - We enable breakthrough and traction.
  • Brand Partnerships and Syncs - We help you link with the best deals.

Data Analytics and Insights

  • Our Data Analytics and Insights dashboards empower artists to better understand their audiences.
  • This enables artists to make better decisions about their businesses.



  • We partner with artists to monetise through merchandise.
  • This can be done from concept, design, and production stage. Clients have an option of an online as well as brick and mortar retail.
  • We also offer smart direct to print models.

Technology Platforms

Technology Platforms

  • We build fan engagement and content platforms.
  • We assist brands and talent develop Web 3, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) solutions.

Finance and Investment

Artists' Finance and Investment

  • Nas, JayZ and others have shown that angel investing can deliver good results for artists looking to diversify.
  • We connect artists with Finance and Investment opportunities via specialised partners.

Our Partners