About Us

"With so much competition for attention, music presents a powerful tool for brands to stand out in a manner that is aligned with their essence. Brand’Art harnesses the power of music to propel brands and talent. Furthermore, music and art imbues brands with a unique cultural currency.

We have a vast network of global relationships, insider knowledge, insights, and opportunities, and a flexible system to navigate the constantly changing African Music marketplace."

CEO - Vusi Vuma

Our Story

Bob Marley once sang…”One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.

Our company was founded on the realisation of the potential of music and art as tools to harmonise human relationships. This harmony can be created between brands and their supporters, through the requisite partnerships with artists.

For these relationships to work optimally, it is important to ensure that all parties in the relationship are aligned. Brands need to select the right artist for the specific relationship that they would like to build with, for the target market. This requires deep insights about the brand, the artist and most importantly the fans (brand supporters).

Our background and expertise in insights, brand communication and technology stands us in good stead to help our clients, be they artists or brands, in solving their problems.

We have software engineers, UX developers, brand insight and strategy specialists as well as music management expertise who work with a vast array of clients to identify objectives and formulate insights led, multi-faceted, data-driven solutions. Enabling us to address business needs, accomplish goals, and insure maximum return on investment.

Let our seasoned industry experts craft the perfect solution, scaled and customized to meet your specific business objectives and budget.

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What our clients say about us

"Brand'Art has been instrumental in the transformation of Kalawa-Jazmee's business. They assisted us in navigating a rapidly changing music industry. Their approach enabled us to realise the full potential of our legendary brand. Vusi, the founder, has a near-unrivalled ability to connect the dots in strategy, insights, and technology."

Co-founder: Kalawa-Jazmee - Oskido

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